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Lacewell's Trep (Smart Smoothies)

[email protected] Wilmington NC 28401 US (910)352-3643


Lacewell's T.R.E.P.

T(utoring) R(esearching) & E(vent) P(lanning)

 Do you feel that youth, today, are prepared to make productive decisions for themselves and the country? It seems that one's social class, atmosphere, background, etc. take away from this educational decision making. Minorities in the United States often have significantly less opportunities for education and employment. T.R.E.P. is a minority owned, and operated, business that focuses, mainly, on tutoring math and science, to help decrease this 'lack'.(A minority doesn't only apply to race. It can apply to any nationality, social or political group. There are many groups who are considered minorities in the US. Homosexuals, women, African Americans, Hispanics, the poor, and the mentally ill are examples of such. Note that being a numerical minority is not a characteristic of being a minority group. Sometimes larger groups can be considered a minority.)

   Does our approach to teaching math fail even the smartest kids? Here’s why the math education your children need is most likely not what their school is teaching. Kids who have been bringing home A's in chemistry and acing AP Calculus arrive at college to find an invisible wall.

   If a concept is explained well, it will never trouble you again! We paint you a picture in a way that reaches you. We can work quickly to get you caught up! Knowledge in math and science increases ones critical thinking and problem solving skills. This is what's needed to have a prosperous future. For non-school tutoring, just tell the desired goal to be reached.

   Mathematics and science are subjects that require critical thinking. When we think critically we become better learners. We don't just accept facts, we explore them, uncovering connections and identifying the often hidden cause-and-effect relationships (Critical Thinking PuzzlesBy Michael DiSpezio).

   Mathematics and science are used in almost every occupation that is needed to keep life progressing in the world of tomorrow. They can help us to shop wisely, buy a car, buy the right insurance, remodel a home within a budget, understand population growth or even bet on the horse with the best chance of winning the race. The importance of math and science increase as more 'baby-boomers' retire.

   Athletics is an essential part of a youth's life. Athletics represent a much needed characteristic in a youth's development. Many times, as a youth becomes a young adult, the youth develops aspirations to become the next sports superstar. But, as Business Insider states, 'Even if your kid is good at sports in high school, gets a scholarship, and excels in college, there's almost no way they are going to go pro. (less than 1%)'  

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   As a young adult focuses on becoming a professional athlete, their academics usually suffer. With no academics, athletes that fail to go pro, tend to fall victim to a violent lifestyle. With academics, one can still become a professional without being an athlete.

   Most students do not understand academic material from a teacher's point-of-view. Does this 'point-of-view' cause North Carolinians to have an average mathematical understanding, compared to the rest of the nation and the world? So, we provide material given from minority college graduates and minority college students. Maybe this will help North Carolina become 'above average'. Lacewell's Tutoring, Research and Event Planning (TREP) hope to achieve this increase in science and mathematical understanding. All students do not learn at the same speeds. Therefore, TREP considers it unfair to charge by time. Instead, we charge by topic. That's 'topic' not 'subject.' At $20 per topic, you will depart with a new since of knowledge. If you want fabulous, professional tutors that help you increase your math skills - contact me. Whether you need help with school math classes, your business's 'books' or general finances, we will work closely with you to find out exactly how to produce the best possible results. Our pricing is reasonable and we can create custom packages to accommodate your budget. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

   Research/event planner available for programs, events, grants, etc. A 'planning list' will be created, if desired. Research is done by use of books, the internet and journals. This is a time saving and inexpensive way to receive researched information for grants, programs, events, family history, etc. This is a way to avoid the trouble of having an extra employee working, in your company, only when there is research or planning to be done. Side opportunity cost of working with a subcontractor is lower than an extra employee. Less worry about employee insurances, taxes, workman's comp., paid-unpaid days off, etc. Through an hourly rate, or salary, the company is paying for work and non-work. Through this, subcontracting, the company is paying for a 'product.' 

   You will be met at a place of your choosing. An office will be opened, when need arises. (Work experience in event planning and research for university grants as well as fundraisers, reunions, programs, camps, etc. at E.A. Laney, the Wilmington community, the Raleigh community and NC State University. Specializing in serving individuals with disabilities.)

   As we live,in this country, we can not avoid paying taxes. We can not avoid taxes on each product that we buy and annual taxes. If you require tax preparation, contact me. I do tax preparation as well.

   Also, in collaboration with providers of child protection-mortgage-retirement-life-funeral insurance.