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How Can I Be Better

Posted on August 1, 2014 at 12:06 AM
How can I be better?
Marcus Lacewell
Fighters always need something to fight.  Many times, without realizing, the fight that they normally find is a fight with themselves.  Whether it is their old self vs. Their new self, who they wish they were vs. Who they really are or etc.
I’ve been fighting battles all of my life.  Now, I find myself fighting the battle of becoming disabled. As I grow more accustomed to this change, I realize that my past battles were not battles at all.  They were just situations used to develop the tools that I need in order to fight a real battle.
As I think back, my determination and tenacity were always ‘in training.’  Many times I needed them, and used them, but there was never an extreme situation. Now that an extreme situation has occurred, I’m accustomed to ‘calling’ on my determination and tenacity.
Allow your tools to develop.  You never know what tools will be detrimental to future situations. One never knows all of the battles that their future has waiting, so do not be ‘closed’ to new information.  Everyone’s knowledge and impressions are derived from information.  So, new information should update one’s knowledge and impressions.
Let me build a scenario.  A frog is trapped in a well, so it thinks that the whole world is as big as the well.   It's assumptions and beliefs are based on its world.  One day, the frog gets out of the well.  It sees new ponds, real estate, predators, prey, situations, experiences, etc.  Should the frog jump back into the well?  Or, should it update?   Unlearn.

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