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Posted on January 3, 2015 at 8:40 PM
                 Marcus Lacewell

  One day, I heard a man talking with his cane.  He said:
Well Cane, looks like I no longer need you.

Cane:  Come-on man, you need me.  I see how you walk without me, you look like you'll fall any minute.

Man:  I''m not about to fall.  I just have to walk different, now, from the average man.  Besides, I must learn to walk without you.

Cane:  You don't have to be without me  If you don't use me, I'll grow weak  You should still use me.

Man:   My wheelchair said the same thing, but it found someone  else to wheel around.  It is a personal accopishment, of mine, not to need you.

Cane:  Ok, you don't have to use me, just act like you're using me to make me feel needed.

Man:  I didn't act unable when i needed you.  i thought that the goal was to not need you.  Did you forget your purpose?  I'll use you when I need you.

There will always be things that try to mask your work so they don't have to work.   Show your work.  Unlearn.

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