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Lacewell's Trep (Smart Smoothies)

[email protected] Wilmington NC 28401 US (910)352-3643


Lacewell's T.R.E.P.

T(utoring) R(esearching) & E(vent) P(lanning)

Wilmington, NC 28401

[email protected]

College Recruiter-Area Contact-Marcus Lacewell

College Athletic Recruiter-Area Contact-Marcus Lacewell

   Athletes for College, LLC is dedicated to helping student athletes obtain a scholarship in college to play their sport. In business for almost a decade, ARC has helped hundreds of student athletes. We are always asked what is different about AFC than other recruiting services? The answer is simple, most recruiting services provide a hosting service and thats all or have a limited number of college contacts. AFC follows the athlete through the whole process preparing them both physically and mentally for the challenge ahead. With a Recruit/Match database, AFC has contacts with every college in the nation that plays sports. You have one chance to make the right decision. 

   Athletes' pre-evaluations are used to create an athletic profile used to determine which college level they are best suited to play in . The pre-evaluation is academic and sport specific. The athlete's profile will show pros- & cons- of the athletes physical & academic performance. This profile will represent you as we introduce you to colleges.  

   College coaches are very competitive with one another. For this reason, it is not unlikely for college coaches to attach themselves to an 8th or 9th grade athlete. So, it is never too early to begin the scholarship process. But, it can be too late.  

   Instead of colleges sending recruiters to view athletes, we are the type, of recruiters, that send a view, of the athletes, to colleges. At a success rate over 95% and an average scholarship per year at over $15,000.

Marcus Lacewell